The High Museum of Art's Teen Advisory Council (Teen Team) is a group of 14 creative high school students who share a common interest in art and community engagement. The Teen Team gets behind-the-scenes access to the Museum, plans teen nights and events, assists with our summer camp, and learns about the Museum's exhibitions and collections. Most importantly, they tell us what's working for teens at the High and what's not.
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    Meredith Mackworth-Praed


  • hifructosemag:

    Hi-Fructose caught up with Ken Garduno in his studio. Check out our interview with the Sketch Party artist here. 

    This picture I like the  unique collaged style and its abstracted figures and use of color. ~Dimitry 

  • Reel Riot Film Festival Filmmaker Spotlight: Sabrina Denault

    What is the name of your film?

    Any Witch Way

    ·What was the inspiration for your film?

    Since my childhood, I have always been very interested in witches, magic and fantasy. My main inspirations for my film were Pixar films and short movie Zing. My book inspiration was definitely Winnie the Witch.

    ·What is the genre of your film? (Horror, comedy, etc)

    Comedy and Fantasy, for all audiences

  • This where the best of our ideas come from. Enjoying the #MicasaYourcasa installation!!

  • FILMMAKER Jonathan Gabriel’s Interview by Zieere I.

    If someone wanted to follow in your footsteps, what advice would you have for them?

    -          I would advise them to shoot everything and try to look at the world in a different way. Everyone is different and has a story, so don’t just assume that everyone is the same. Take a step back and look.

    Did you always have a passion for filmmaking?

    -         Yes, I have loved filmmaking ever since I was young. I started shooting with anything that I could get my hands on.

    What makes you different?

    -         I’m loud and eccentric and I love people. I love people so much, like I really do…  I love bringing people together. I really try to look at life differently and I try to be unique and fun. Life is already kind of difficult, so I just want people to feel alive. 

    What is one rule that you advise people to always follow?

    -         Your initial idea is not always your best idea; sometimes it’s better to completely flip your ideas and thought process. You never know what the outcome might be. If you never venture, you will never know. Try to experience something new. Anyone can be a filmmaker. You do not have to be a Spielberg to make films. You do not need the biggest camera in the world to tell a great story. Anyone can do it, especially you guys, because you guys are awesome!